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​Compas makes composting at home easy! Composting in big cities (with few gardens or big spaces for it) is not very popular, making the garbage disposal cycle in Argentina overloaded and inefficient.

This compost bin is therefore designed for urban households. It is a vermicompost (worms are included!) where no direct contact with ground earth is required. With a variety of colours, this composting kit blends aesthetically with its surroundings (balconies, kitchens or patios). By making a compost bin that fits in a balcony or patio people can start composting their organic waste at home. Our product encourages composting for those who need that extra push to start!


The compost bin works with 2 containers of 22lts each, but a 3rd container can be added if needed. When the top container is filled with organic waste (2 months aprox.), it is moved to the bottom so the empty container starts getting filled. Meanwhile, once the worms have run out of food in the bottom container, they will move to the top container in search for new food, through the holes drilled in the base. Therefore, after 45 days aprox., the bottom container will be left almost vermin free with the composted earth ready for harvesting. This cycle continues endlessly, as in nature!


compostera clasica

Compas in red, ready to be filled! Full size: 70cm tall, 40cm diameter. 44lts total volume capacity.


THE TEAM: Industrial Designers Pablo Bianchi, Dario Mercuri and Lucía Martínez.


Our team met while teaching at the Faculty of Design and Architecture, in the University of Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA). We came from different backgrounds but we all believed Sustainable Design to be a tool to make a positive green change in the World. We started composting in our homes and so we personally evaluated what requirements were needed to make domestic composting easy and attractive to our customers.

To us, even the smallest action counts in order to make a better world, and that is why we focused on domestic composting.


So far we have won 3 awards for COMPAS's design:

1st prize Puro Diseño 2016,

Sello Buen Diseño 2016 and 2019

Etiqueta Centro Metropolitano de Diseño 2017

Concurso de Diseño Fondo Nacional de las Artes - Mención

We have also been mentioned in several newspapers and magazines (please see our PRESS section)

Primer Premio Puro Diseño
Sello Buen Diseño
Etiqueta CMD


​We sell our product online via facebook or on our web (answering personally each inquiry) and we also occasionally participate of Design and Green Fairs where we interact directly with our possible customers.

Our product can be seen and purchased here. We can ship our product all over the country (Argentina), shipping fare is not included. If you prefer to pay cash or still need to ask any questions you can use the contact form and we'll reply asap.


Each composting kit has 2 plastic PE containers, an OSB lid and table, and a plastic funnel for compost tea harvesting. 2 sizes (44lts and 90lts) are available according to your composting needs.

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